The Advantages of Hiring an Aide Through a Home Care Service

What Does a Home Care Aide Do?

Home care aides, who are also sometimes called home care assistants, or caregivers are individuals who provide in-home care for the elderly and other individuals with chronic illness or disabilities. With people living longer and the number of seniors increasing, especially in South Florida, home care services are growing in popularity. Home care aids help with many regular functions like food shopping, ironing, laundry, bathing and household chores like meal preparation, mopping, vacuuming and cleaning. Also, they can assist with running various errands as needed, tending to pets, washing dishes and driving patients to appointments. Providing companionship is another important responsibility that home care aides provide.

Why Hire Through A Registry Or Agency?

It may appear initially to be a wise financial decision to directly hire a home care aide and bypass any registry, agency or other forms of a middleman. In the long run, however, this can be a disastrous decision, both in terms of your finances and other considerations. Whoever pays the salary of the home care aide legally is considered to be the employer and has all of the responsibilities that employers are subject to.

Home care aides frequently have responsibilities that can be quite physical. This can involve assisting the patient with toilet duties, helping the individual in and out of bed, bathing the client or other types of activities that require some kind of lifting and often in awkward positions. Therefore, the possibility that some kind of injury could occur is actually fairly high. If the aide does get injured, most likely it is the employer who will be held responsible for paying the individual’s medical expenses. In addition, they may be held liable to make worker’s compensation and/or disability payments. If they are not properly registered as an employer with the government, they could be fined.

Another kind of situation that can occur is when a home care aid had been working with one client full-time and then leaves and files to get unemployment insurance. This definitely does happen. In these situations, if the client hasn’t Frustration hiring a home care aidebeen paying the aide’s unemployment taxes they might be subject to paying all back taxes in addition to a fine. If a home care aid is an independent contractor and self-employed, the client would be relieved of the previously mentioned responsibilities. However, trying to oversee the aide on a continuous basis to ensure they are maintaining their status as an independent contractor properly with the government is a big hassle. Not very many clients have the motivation or time to do this.

Hiring the services of an aid via a Florida agency, or registry will help to relieve you of having to deal with these kinds of problems. The service will stay in compliance with all requirements imposed by the government. There are other non-financial advantages as well. The agency will also have supervisors that they have employed that can assist the aide with any problems or questions they may have. This can be quite valuable to ensuring that the client receives quality service. Finally, there are those bad apples out there that we’ve all heard about who take advantage of the person they are supposed to be providing care for. Registries and agencies perform complete FBI background checks before hiring new aides. So the chances of something like that occurring is greatly reduced.

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